Limousine Prices: How Much Does it Cost to Rent A Limo?

When you're looking to rent a limo, it's important to know what you can expect. Limo prices generally range from $120-$250 per hour and typically run between $600-$1,350 for the entire rental. This will depend on the size of the limo, how long you want to rent it for, and what date you're planning on using it on. To get more exact pricing you can easily use our quotes tool to get set rates based on the details of your trip. To learn more about what prices are like and what affects them, read on.

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How Much Does a Limo Cost?

The actual cost of a limo rental varies greatly, but you can look below to see average limo prices to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay:

Type of Limo Number of Passengers Average Cost Per Hour*
Small stretch limousine 6-8 $1100-$160
Medium stretch limousine 9-12 $110-$170
Large stretch limousine 12-20 $120-$185
Stretch Escalade limousine up to 20 $120-$250
Stretch Hummer limousine up to 20 $160-$300
SUV/Sedan 3-4 $80-$130
Rolls Royce Sedan up to 4 $200-$400

*Prices may vary greatly in your city and state. Due to the impact of COVID-19 and inflation, all rental prices shown are past estimates. Actual pricing may be significantly higher.

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These are the top things you need to know when trying to figure out how much a limo rental costs.

Type of Limo. Each type of limo has its own unique set of amenities and features, so choosing the type of limousine you want to rent will play a significant role in final cost. For example, if you want something that's new and modern but still costs less than a party bus, then a stretch limo might be right for you. However, if you're looking for something more extravagant like a party bus or even an antique car, then expect those types of vehicles (and their associated costs) to be significantly higher than those mentioned above.

Location. The price of renting a limo depends on a number of factors, including the location and where you want to pick up or drop off. In major cities with more limousine services, you'll be able to find more vehicles at lower rates. This is because there is a greater supply of vehicles and competition between companies, which keeps prices low. However, if you're looking for a ride in smaller cities or more rural areas without a lot of limo companies, it's harder to secure one—so you will end up paying more for your ride.

Day of week. The cost of renting a limo depends on the day of week you plan to reserve it. More people tend to rent limos on weekends than during the work week, so you'll pay a higher rate for weekend reservations than for Sunday-Thursday.

Time you rent. Demand for limousines fluctuates throughout the day, so pricing can vary by time. Most people don't rent limos in the early morning; they tend to do so in late afternoon or early evening. A good rule of thumb is that if you're looking for rental rates after 5 p.m., you'll pay more than if you were looking for rates at 8 a.m. The price difference is not too much but it’s important to note that this will make the rates vary.

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Duration of your rental. The most important piece of your limousine price is how long you rent it for. You'll pay an hourly rate, with every hour you have the vehicle costing you money. Most companies will also require minimum requirements of time too and may even include wait time depending on your event. To find out more about your options, check out our quote tool—it's super easy to use and will let you compare prices and minimums from local companies in an instant.

Time of year. When planning an event, it's important to consider the time of year. The cost of a limo can vary greatly depending on the season and time you book, so keep this in mind when booking your vehicle. During April-June, it's wedding and prom season. As such, you'll find higher rates during these times than at any other time of year. In September-November, when school is back in session and sporting events are in full swing, you'll also find that rates are just a little bit higher than usual. The offseason is July-August, and December-March where you'll be able to score the best deals. Booking in advance is always a good idea when booking a limo service—at least two months before your event—so you can get the best rate possible on your vehicle.

Chosen package. There are different packages available by event and these different packages offered can vary in prices. For example, there are day rates, sporting events and airport transfers. A day rate is just that—you have a single rate for the entire day of your rental, regardless of how long you use the limo service. The sporting event package may include a ride to the stadium or arena as well as a ride home at the end of the night. The airport transfer package includes picking up your guests from their hotel or home and dropping them off at the airport when they leave town. Each limousine company will offer different packages so it's important to ask when you are in your search. For your reference, the most expensive events are weddings and New Year's Eve with other large local events like the Super Bowl also following close behind due to its high demand for limos.

Some general event pricing is as follows*:

  • $100 to $260 per hour
  • $650 to $1,500 per night
  • $700 to $1,600 for weddings
  • $800 to $1,700 for proms
  • $1,000 to $2,200 for New Years Eve

*Due to covid-19 Prices may be significantly higher and may vary depending on availability, service, and location

Travel required. Travel time and mileage are important. Each trip goes a certain distance and that means gas, drive time, and mileage. These will all increase the price you pay. If you plan on traveling more than 50 miles, then you will have a mileage charge included in your price versus a local trip. Additionally, if you plan to shuttle consecutively even if it’s local, you may also incur a mileage charge depending on how long the limo is shuttling. To get a clear picture of the costs, you can call our reservations department who will take the details of your event and calculate a price.

How to Keep Costs in Check

Now that you know what determines the price of your limo rental, it's time to look at some ways to save money on your next trip.

Have a final headcount. Knowing the exact number of people in your group will help you select a limo that fits your group and booking the right size vehicle can save you hundreds of dollars. As the limos go up in size, so do the prices so if you have a headcount you can avoid having too many empty seats and maximize your trip.

Look at the price per person. Although limousine prices can look hefty at first glance, it’s important to note that you will be riding with other people and when you break it down like that, the prices aren’t too bad. As an example, if you were to rent a Hummer limousine with 10 of your friends at $1,100 for 3 hours, that’s only $110 a person for a ride in an awesome limousine. When you are looking at the final prices, make sure to also look at the price per person.

Make your reservation in advance. This is something we can’t stress enough. When your event is planned, rent your transportation ASAP. Every vehicle is unique and subject to change, so there is no guarantee that the vehicle you want will still be available a few days before. Plus, when you book months in advance you will also be able to lock in the best prices. As the date of service approaches, the prices rise since there are less vehicles available.

Rent during the offseason. If you are able to plan your event, try to have it during the months of July-August, and December-March. The demand for limousines is lower then so you'll have more ways to save.

Rent on the weekdays. Renting on Monday-Thursday will help you get better rates and lower minimum rentals times than the weekends, so if you don’t absolutely need to have the vehicle on Friday or Saturday, opt to ride around on a weekday.

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How To Get Your Limousine Prices

At, we can get you a no obligation quote in just seconds. We do this because we understand that you don’t want to sit around waiting for someone to get back to you with pricing, you want it on-demand, and custom fit to your needs. To get your quote, here’s what to do:

Get a quote from our pricing tool. You can fill out some basic information into our pricing calculator to instantly see the prices and pictures of the vehicles in your area. This will show the different packages available as well as the rates per hour. OR:

Call our reservations team. We have a 24/7 reservations team on standby ready to help you customize your rental according to your specific needs. Our team is able to directly send you price quotes to your phone or email so you can again see the different options. is proud to offer you hassle free quotes and transparent pricing on your limousine service.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Limousine Prices

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Limo per Hour?

Approximate pricing is around $100 to $260 per hour. As displayed in the pricing chart estimates, the exact rate will vary depending on the type of limo you select, what date you are traveling, how long, and where you are located. To get an hourly rate it is advised to reach out to our reservations team or by using our online quote tool.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Limo for a Wedding?

You can expect to pay around $700 to $1,600 for a wedding limo, but again, the exact pricing will vary based on the season, vehicle size, and location of the venues.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Day?

Most limo companies will charge by the hour instead of having a day rate. Based on the hourly charges, it is difficult to put together an exact day rate but you can expect them to be around $650 to $1,500 per day.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Limo for Prom?

Prom nights have more demand than other days (entire high schools are looking to rent a limo on the same night) so you can expect the prices to be higher. Although the rates will vary by location, you can plan to spend around $800 to $1,700 total for proms.

How Much Do You Tip a Limo Driver?

Tip is normally around 15%-20% but is up to your discretion. Before tipping, make sure to ask the limousine service if this is already included in your price. It is becoming more common for the limo companies to already charge gratuity beforehand so that you do not have to worry about any payments on the date of service.