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There are a lot of ways to celebrate your special day with family and friends. But nothing compares to the luxury of a Hummer limo rental. With their spacious interiors, you can fit up to 20 passengers at one time in these massive, stretch limousines. They're the largest SUV limos available to rent, and they make a definite way to enjoy yourself while celebrating your special occasion. At, we pride ourselves on being one of the best limousine booking companies in the industry. Our 5-star rating is evidence of our commitment to excellence, and we've been helping people like you celebrate their big days for over 10 years. When you choose to go with our hummer limo rental services, you're bound to have an amazing time.

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No other company offers its network of thousands of limos from local companies across the country like does—so you can find the perfect vehicle for any occasion. Our customer service is truly dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible when booking a hummer limousine rental through our website. We take pride in being able to offer this service because it's something that really makes a difference when planning an event or taking an important trip with friends or family members. Our reputation for being the most fun and exciting limo rental company out there has made us one of the most popular places for people to book their next ride with us.

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Get Instant Pricing & Availability has been in the business of renting out hummers for over 10 years, and we've got a team of reservations ready to go at all times. You can count on us to be there when you need us most—whether it's last minute or planned months in advance. We offer peace of mind that your hummer rental will go according to plan, and our member of our team will answer your questions and help you plan every detail of your event in an instant. We understand that renting a Hummer limo is an important process, and we will treat it as such—you'll get the utmost detail and attention from our team members so that your ride will be smooth from start to finish. When you're ready you can use our online quote tool which gives pricing in seconds, making it easy for you to see what options are offered at each location and compare prices across locations quickly.

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Why You Should Rent a Hummer Limousine

There are a number of reasons why renting a Hummer limo is the best option. First, they're incredibly stylish and eye-catching. This can be especially helpful if you're trying to impress clients or celebrate an important occasion with friends or family members. Second, they provide ample space for all of your guests, which means that it's possible to fit several people in one vehicle without feeling cramped or uncomfortable--even if some of them are tall. Hummers are one of the largest styles of limousines and can hold up to 20 passengers. Third, they're equipped with all of the amenities you could possibly want. Hummer limos come with a wide variety of features, including climate control systems, televisions and DVD players, surround sound systems and more.

It's no secret that renting a Hummer limousine can be an incredible experience for any group. From the moment you step into the vehicle, you're surrounded by luxury and comfort. You can take in the stunning views of your surroundings in style, while enjoying amenities like a built-in bar, dance floor, or even a light show. With our quote tool and calling our reservations team, you'll be able to see pictures of all the available vehicles in your area and get an idea of what kind of experience is right for your group. Booking can be done over the phone or directly on our website through our reservations page. Our reservations team will walk you through the process either way.

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Travelers Routinely Rely On can help you make your next trip a memorable one. We know that limo rental companies aren't created equally, and we're proud to say that is an industry leader—one of the largest and most best providers of limos, party buses, and charters on the market today. When you rent with, you get personalized quotes for your hummer limousine service in 30 seconds. Our reservation specialists are standing by 24/7 to walk you through a successful rental experience so that your trip is as memorable as it should be. We hope to service you and show you why we're the best company out there.

How Much is a Hummer Limo Rental?

The cost of renting a Hummer depends on how long you want to rent it for, where you're going and how many people need transportation. We offer several packages that include different amenities such as flat screen TVs with surround sound systems and Wi-Fi connectivity, so there is no set answer to the question of prices. Our prices are based on hourly rates so they can fluctuate depending on how long it takes us to get ready before picking up customers at their locations around town. But don't worry - we'll work with your budget so everyone gets where they need without breaking the bank. Just call out reservations experts at 855-275-4888 to get started planning your quote.

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Hummer Limo Prices: How To Determine Your Trip Cost

Length of Rental: Determining how long you need to rent the Hummer limo is one of the most important factors that influences your trip cost. The longer you rent for, the more you will pay—it's as simple as that.Having a good idea of your itinerary will help keep costs down and eliminate any excess time in rentals or transfers. Hummers limos can start anywhere from $150-$270+ per hour so it's important to get the details right when booking with us. We're here to guide you through the process so that there are no surprises when it comes time for payment day.

Date Of Service: The date of your service is one of the most important. Some days and some seasons are busier than others. For example, Fridays and Saturdays are more expensive than Sunday-Thursday, and the summer months are considered peak times, so you will pay more for a rental during March-July. You can avoid paying extra by booking early—at least two weeks in advance of your event date. If you're booking closer to the actual date or if you have any questions about what's included in your package, feel free to give us a call to talk with one of our friendly representatives.

Driving Distance: The distance you drive in will have a big impact on how much you pay. You may be surprised by how much your mileage cost can vary, depending on the city you're visiting and the size of your group. If your pick-up location is far away from the drop-off spot, you can expect to pay more based on the travel time—that's because companies charge by the mile when you travel further than a certain range. To get an accurate quote for your trip, call 833-458-7001 today. Our team of experts will help you figure out whether or not driving distance will affect your overall price and give you an idea of what to expect based on where you are going within our network of cities.

Availability: Are you ready to get a personalized price quote just for you? Then call 855-275-4888. We'll help you find the right vehicle for your party and give you a price quote in seconds.

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Hire Our Hummer Limo Services For Your Next Event

In order to book your Hummer limo rental, you'll need to first submit a quote request. This will give us the information we need to get started on your reservation and provide you with an estimated price so that you know what to expect when it comes time for payment. When you submit your quote request, be sure to include as much information as possible. The more details we have about your reservation, the better informed we'll be when working on it. Some examples of things that you should include are: date of service, time of event, and passenger count. With this information, we will be able to instantly send you a quote with pictures and prices for you to review. From there, you can select the hummer limo you like best and make your reservation directly online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hummer Limo Rentals

What’s on the Inside of a Hummer Limo?

The inside of a Hummer limo is as luxurious as you would imagine. The Hummer limousine is a long, sleek vehicle that can accommodate up to 20 people typically. The interior has leather seating and high ceilings for easy entry and exit. The interior lighting is controlled by the driver, so you can create the perfect ambiance for your event. There is also a sound system with connectivity capability so that you can play music from your own device or connect to if needed. A wet bar and champagne glasses are standard features in most Hummers. To learn more about the features of the Hummers available, just call us.

How Many Seats Are in a Hummer Limo?

You'll find that they have as few as 6 and up to 22 depending on the model of Hummer. The Hummer limo is considered one of the largest SUV limousines out there so if you have a large group of passengers, this is your best choice. .

How soon in advance should I make my reservation?

The best way to ensure that you get the Hummer limo rental service that you want is by making your reservation as soon as possible. We can accommodate reservations up to one year in advance, but if you'd like to make sure that your date and time are available for a specific day or time, we recommend making your reservation at least three months in advance. For last-minute bookings (less than one month), please call us for immediate assistance with finding an available limo for your party size and budget.

You can get a quote online in just a few minutes. Simply select your location and desired vehicle from the drop-down menus, then fill out the required fields. You can also browse our website to learn more about Hummer limo rentals in your area.