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Americus Party Bus Rentals

Americus Party Buses

A tiny community of less than 20,000 residents, Americus is located in Sumter County, Georgia. The hallmarks of this township are its liberal environment and laid-back culture, both of which make it an extremely alluring vacation destination. Interestingly, however, even as the local population has an attitude of acceptance towards modern ways of life, the traditional Southern values remain well-preserved as well. And in typical southern form, visitors are welcomed and served with utmost care. Thus, when you plan your trip, be prepared to be treated like royalty. Contemplating the latter brings to mind the option of renting a party bus Americus Georgia – fit for a king, such a superb vehicle will keep your spirits soaring the entire time!

Party Buses Americus GA

Americus Party Bus

One of the most important elements of a good holiday is the languor and lazy leisure it begets. You should be at peace, with no worries and hassles bothering you. And this may not be achieved unless you have a party bus Americus Georgia to service you at all times. It is only when you have such a means of in-city transportation – private, exclusive and uber-comfy – that you can completely give in to cheerfulness and revelry. Moreover, when you have a host of models to choose from – limousines, motorcoaches, shuttle buses and party bus limos – you can find a gorgeous one that fits your personal style. What a picture you shall make, racing across town in your enviably awesome ride! Do you feel like hopping on to this joy ride this very minute? Hold your horses; look through party bus rentals in Americus Georgia, find a suitable package and then begin day-dreaming of the marvelous times ahead!

Party Bus Rentals Americus

The biggest advantage of having a party bus Americus Georgia driving you around is that you then do not need a planned itinerary. Just pick up your vehicle and go. Be it the Global Village and Discovery Center, 121 Habitat Street, Americus, GA 31709-3498 ( 229-924-6935) that interests you or the Charles Lindbergh Monument, Airport Rd., Souther Field on Ga. 49, Americus, GA 31709-3546 you want to see – everything is easily accessible. The famous Rylander Theatre, 310 West Lamar Street, Americus, GA 31709 (229931-0001) shall also be at close call! So why wait? Book now and set forth on the vacation of a lifetime!

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Hire Charter Bus Americus GA Rentals

Americus, GA, is home to the world famous Windsor Hotel, Jimmy Carter National Historic Site and Habitat for Humanity headquarters. Although not as well known as its Southern neighbors of Atlanta or Savannah, Americus can still be a fun place to visit. While there is plenty to see and do in Americus, it can be difficult for groups of family or friends to get around if you’re not familiar with the roads. A charter bus rental from Charter Bus America can help you navigate all the sights without putting anyone at risk on unfamiliar roads.

Americus Charter Buses and Minibuses for Rent Near Me

Are you planning a trip to Americus, Georgia? Whether you’re planning for a family reunion or a business conference, the best way to ensure that your guests have a great time is by renting charter bus or minibus from Charter Bus Americus. There are many perks of having access to transportation at your disposal.

To find the best rental service in town, take these steps:

  • Compare quotes. When searching for charter bus and minibus rentals in Americus, it’s important to get quotes from multiple companies before deciding on one. This will help you determine which company has the best prices and services.

  • Find out how many charter buses they have in their fleet. The higher the number of buses available, the better chance you can find one that matches the size of your group. If they only have two or three buses, chances are they won’t be able to accommodate all of your guests if there’s more than 20 people traveling together on this trip!

  • Check their safety records online with us here at Charter Bus America before making any decisions about who will be driving around our precious loved ones during this vacation time so we know what types of maintenance tasks have been done recently as well as if any accidents occurred while using these vehicles recently (or not). You don't want an accident happening when traveling around our precious loved ones during this vacation time – only peace and tranquility should exist!

Travel Destinations in Americus Georgia

Americus, Georgia is the perfect destination for a fun, relaxing getaway. The city has all the charms of a small Southern town with modern amenities like great restaurants and hotels to make your visit comfortable and convenient. A charter bus rental in Americus from Charter Bus of Americus will take you in style to any one of these great travel destinations:

  • Rylander Theatre

  • The Rylander Theatre is a historic building that was built in 1917. It was renovated in 1996 after years of disuse and now hosts live theatre performances, concerts and other community events.

  • Andersonville National Historic Site

  • Visit this Civil War prison camp to explore the history of this place and the role it played in shaping America's past. See the site where many prisoners died during the war as well as an exhibit on military dogs used by U.S forces today. You can also see a replica Confederate Cemetery that was built around 1920s-style tombstones which were erected near where actual headstones once lay buried under dirt or overgrown with grass before being discovered around 1965 by park maintenance workers while they were clearing bush brush off nearby land so new signs could be installed; they uncovered what appeared at first glance only as piles but turned out upon further investigation to be graves containing human remains! This discovery led researchers on an archaeological dig at what became known as Camp Sumter–known informally today at Andersonville because it housed both Union soldiers captured by Confederate troops during battles fought between opposing sides throughout much earlier time periods up until World War I when prisoners stayed there instead until those camps closed down years later into WWII (we'll talk more about these later). The cemetery consists mainly of headstones for soldiers who died during their internment here along with some graves from others outside its walls who had been identified but whose remains could not yet be recovered due their locations within enemy lines; visitors may enter through an archway dedicated “To Those Who Perished” above which reads “

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Traveling To Events with Americus Limos

If you are traveling to an event with a group of people, be it a wedding, funeral, sporting event or any other occasion, there is one thing that everyone will be looking forward to: the ride there. With our high-end limousines and buses, you can treat yourself and your loved ones to a comfortable and luxurious ride to wherever you are going.

We offer limos for all occasions! Whether you're heading out just for fun or if you have some special occasion in mind, we've got the perfect vehicle for the job. The extra roominess of our limos make them ideal for larger groups so everyone can enjoy themselves on the way to their destination. You may also be interested in using our charter bus services if you have more than 10 passengers in your party!

Our staff is ready and willing to assist you with everything from planning your trip out down to the last detail all the way through executing every aspect of it smoothly so that no one has anything at all to worry about except enjoying themselves.

Renting Americus Georgia Limousines For Sporting Events

School bus travel to a favorite sporting event is a time-honored tradition. Travel by school bus brings back memories of when you were on the team, whether in high school or college. It feels like everyone is pulling together toward one common goal: cheering on your team to victory.

If you are planning to travel as part of a group to watch the South Georgia Technical College Jets basketball team take on their rivals, then renting limousines for sporting events offers many advantages over traveling by car or public transportation. You can all pull together and share a big box of popcorn while watching the action from the luxury seating in your comfortable charter bus rental. With Charter Bus Americus, you can all enjoy the fun and excitement at one of these upcoming games.

Weddings Transportation: Americus Georgia Motorcoaches

Weddings are one of the most important days in the lives of many people. They’re meant to be a joyous occasion that celebrates two people coming together and making their love official. Unfortunately, thanks to wedding planning, which can be a stressful experience, those involved often miss out on the joy.

You don’t want your wedding day to be stressful, which is why you need to get some help with the preparations. Americus Georgia Motorcoaches are great for wedding parties because of their ability to transport large groups of people at once. Here are some ways they can help you make your special day as stress free as possible:

Minibus and Motorcoach Rental in Americus Georgia To Concerts

For your next concert outing, consider a Charter Bus or Minibus Rentals from Americus Georgia Charter Bus. We offer the best rental options for any size party and can make your concert experience an unforgettable one. The music scene is thriving in Americus Georgia, with many big-name artists stopping by regularly to perform in stadiums and arenas. When you visit these venues, you'll see a variety of seating options available and will want to find the right one for your group when you all travel together; depending on the size of your party, our charter bus or minibus rentals are what we recommend!

With our buses' minimum capacities ranging from 24 passengers up to 56 passengers (depending on which type), there should be enough room for all those who need seats at once-in-a-lifetime concerts featuring performances by artists such as Drake or Taylor Swift as well as more intimate events showcasing local talent from across town like Lisa Loeb.

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Americus GA Shuttle Bus Service For a Corporate Events

Are you looking to charter a bus for corporate travel? Our company is the premier company offering transportation solutions for corporate events. Our rental service can be used for:

  • Corporate Travel

  • Corporate Transportation

  • Corporate Events

  • Corporate Shuttle Service

In addition to providing bus rentals, we offer various other transportation services as well. We fulfill all of your business travel needs!

Americus GA School Bus Rentals For Field Trips

Are you an educator in Atlanta who’s planning a field trip to Americus Georgia? Charter Bus Americus can help your school group get to its destination. We have a fleet of charter buses and minibuses that schools from Atlanta can use for student field trips. You can browse our vehicles here.

You’ll find a list of educational attractions in Americus Georgia below, along with some ideas for what you can do when visiting Andersonville National Historic Site, Habitat for Humanity International and the Windsor Hotel Ruins. Use this information to plan your day trip or weekend field trip to Americus GA!

Americus GA Coach Bus Rentals To Major Airports

If you’re flying out of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, that’s just a 2.5-hour ride away from Americus. If you’re looking to fly out of Southwest Georgia Regional Airport instead, that only takes 20 minutes to get to!

We offer a number of different types of shuttles and coaches that can take you wherever you want in and around Americus! If you're going a long way away or don't mind spending extra on the costlier models, we offer the best charter buses available in all the land! We also have motorcoaches which are perfect for those middle-of-the-road situations where there's something special but not too far away and whoever is organizing this event isn't going to break the bank over it. If it's something nearby or doesn't require anything fancy, then our minibuses probably do the trick!

Joining an existing tour? Not a problem at all for us. Just let us know what time and place you need to be picked up from, and we'll make sure we have someone there ready for duty when the time comes!

Best Neighborhoods in Americus Georgia

The neighborhood of Magnolia Heights is a wonderful place to experience what living in Americus is like. The houses here are spacious and inviting, and the tree-lined streets make it a great place for leisurely walks or bike rides.

Haskell Heights is another excellent neighborhood you can visit while you’re in the area, though most of the houses here are rentals rather than places people own. Plus points go to this neighborhood because it’s located right next door to Peabody Park, which offers plenty of green space and areas ideal for picnics or even Frisbee golf!

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20 Passenger Party Bus $150-$200 hourly*
25 Passenger Party Bus $160-$220 hourly*
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30 Passenger School Bus $145-$240 hourly*
50 Passenger Coach Bus $150-$240 hourly*
56 Passenger Charter Bus $150-$260 hourly*

*Price vary greatly depending on the city and state of your service. Due to COVID-19, rental prices shown in past estimates may not reflect actual pricing which may be significantly higher depending on availability.

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