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This former capital of Georgia has been long revered as the Watermelon Capital of the World. A small, peace-loving community, with houses constructed in Victorian and Federal style architecture, Cordele gives you the whole package: the slow paced life of small cities and the joy of fresh produce. While maintaining its agricultural roots, it has mushroomed into a food lover's delight, with so many options to choose from. A wide array of activities, from sports and shopping to agriculture and food, all is available for you to choose from. Make sure you have everything preplanned to ensure your stay at Cordele is smooth, and party bus rentals in Cordele Georgia take care of all your transportation needs. From luxury limos to budget-friendly motorcoaches and shuttle buses, you can choose a vehicle according to your convenience to avoid traffic jams and unreliable transport options.

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Cordele Party Bus

Cordele hosts its annual Watermelon Festival in June, just before it exports watermelons to all over the country. The most exotic of all varieties is the red seedless watermelon, which attracts tourists and agriculturists from all over the world. This time of the year is swarming with people in Cordele, with festivity in the air and competition on every farmer's mind. But being stranded at a venue due to unavailability of public transport can really dampen your spirits. So avoid depending on crowded public transport by planning ahead; get yourself booked for a party bus rental in Cordele Ga. Then you can set out to this town absolutely tension-free.

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Put on your comfy travel-wear for there are so many places you have to visit with your party bus Cordele Georgia! Georgia Veterans State Park, 2459A US Highway 280 West, Cordele Ga 31015 (229-276-2371), established in 1931 as a memorial to US veterans, is the first important landmark that you shall come by; The 1308 acre park includes a museum which houses uniforms, aircraft, ammunition, weapons and other memorabilia dating back to the Revolutionary War. Chick-fil-A at 1711 16th Avenue East, Cordele Ga 31015 (299-881-269) a popular downtown eatery, known for its healthy side servings and fresh vegetables could be your second stop. And of course, disc golf, water skiing, fishing and bird watching offer a little something to the adrenaline junkies. With regard to lodging options, those too are in plenty though the Daphne Lodge, Hwy 280, Cordele 31015 has arguably the best ambiance in town and yummy food as well. All you have to do before setting off to Cordele is get a party bus Cordele Ga, and leave the rest to the Southern city to work its charm on you!