The First-Timer’s Guide to Renting a Party Bus |

The First-Timer’s Guide to Renting a Party Bus |

Planning a bachelor trip, epic prom night, or any other big group celebration? A party bus rental is the ultimate transportation option for your group! But if you’ve never rented a party bus before, you probably have a lot of questions before booking. How much do they cost? What’s allowed onboard? How far in advance should you reserve one? Don’t worry – our experts at have been providing bus rentals for years, so we know everything there is to know about party buses!

This complete guide will walk you through all the ins and outs of party bus rentals, from types of party buses to what you can expect onboard. That way, you can rent your party bus with total confidence for your big event!

What exactly is a party bus?

A party bus is a large, luxurious passenger vehicle that groups can privately rent for special events, nights out, concerts, tours, and more. Party buses are essentially shuttle buses that have been customized and designed specifically with entertainment and celebrating in mind.

The interiors feature exciting amenities like neon lights, built-in bars, surround sound systems, wood floors, leather seating, and restrooms on some larger buses. They range in size, typically holding 10 to 50 passengers. Party buses provide a one-of-a-kind way for groups to travel together in style for any major occasion while keeping the party going on board!

What does a party bus look like on the inside and outside?

Party bus layouts and designs can vary quite a bit depending on the specific vehicle’s make, model, and customization. The most common party bus builders are LGE, Tiffany, Krystal, Grech Motors, Pinnacle & Executive Coach Builders which each have their own style of builds. However, you’ll typically find features like:

  • Wraparound plush bench seating or lounge-style seating facing each other
  • Hardwood floors
  • Mirrored ceilings
  • Mood lighting like strobe lights, LEDs, fiber optics
  • Built-in bars and beverage coolers
  • Premium sound systems with Bluetooth and Aux connection
  • Flat screen TVs
  • Restrooms on larger buses

On the exterior, party buses generally resemble charter buses – often painted white, black, or silver. They’ll have the company logo wrapped on the side and dark tinted panoramic windows. The overall shape resembles a standard coach bus, but some party buses are converted from more unique base vehicles like Mercedes Sprinter vans and Ford Transit Vans.

What groups rent party buses?

Party buses are a popular transportation choice for any group celebrating a major event or occasion together. Typical party bus clients include:

Here are some sample trips of how party buses are actually used:

  • A bachelorette group rents a party bus for a winery tour in Napa, starting off with brunch and ending back at Berkeley.
  • A Mirmar company books a party bus for their employee appreciation party, picking up attendees from their homes for dinner and drinks in West Palm Beach.
  • A high school in Bakersfield charters two party buses for prom, coordinating routes to pick up students from their houses.
  • A wedding party rents a party bus to shuttle guests between the hotel and venue all day in Oklahoma City.

How many people can fit in a party bus?

Party bus capacities typically range from 10 seats up to 50 seats. More petite “limo bus” style party buses built on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis generally have 10 to 15 seats. Mid-size buses constructed on a shuttle bus frame like Ford and Chevrolet usually have 15 to 30 seats. And for the biggest groups, full-sized party buses converted from a motorcoach can hold 40 to 50 passengers.

With over 5,000 buses in our nationwide network, we have buses of all sizes to match any group and occasion!

What’s the difference between a party bus and charter bus?

While charter buses and party buses may appear similar, there are some notable differences when it comes to amenities and interior layouts. Here’s a quick comparison:

Charter Bus Features

  • Forward Facing Row Seating
  • Basic Amenities
  • Large Undercarriage Storage
  • Restroom Onboard
  • TVs & WiFi Availability

Party Bus Features

  • Perimeter Seating
  • Lounge Style Interior
  • Wood Floors
  • Bars & Sound Systems
  • Lighting Effects
  • Limited Storage

Charter buses excel at point A to point B transportation for things like corporate shuttles, school trips, airport transfers, and long distance journeys. Party buses flip the script to become a mobile party and experience. The lounge seating arrangements and entertainment options onboard party buses allow groups to congregate and celebrate together en route.

What amenities come on a party bus?

Standar party buses generally come with features like:

  • Plush seating & leather interiors
  • Mirrored ceilings
  • Dance floors
  • Lighting systems (strobe lights, LEDs, lightsshows , fiber optics)
  • Premium sound systems with Bluetooth and Aux connection
  • Flat screen TVs
  • Built-in bars & beverage coolers

And for then ther are also some upgraded “luxury” party buses which may include amenities like:

  • Gaming systems
  • WiFi
  • Restrooms on larger buses
  • And more!

Discuss any special requests with our team ahead of time so we can tailor the perfect party bus experience for you.

Do party buses have WiFi and phone chargers?

Some newer model party buses may come equipped with USB charging ports, outlets, and WiFi onboard. However, we recommend verifying availability with your specific provider, as not all buses will. If you really need internet access and the ability, be sure to let us know before booking. That way your crew can snap pics, livestream, play music, and stay connected on the move.

Can we bring food and drinks on a party bus?

Policies vary between party bus companies when it comes to bringing outside food and beverages. You can almost always bring alcohol onboard, but some prohibit it. Check ahead of time with your provider to understand rules around what can and can’t be brought on the bus. If allowed to have food, avoid overly messy or greasy foods that could stain upholstery. Individual cans/bottles and finger foods like sandwiches are party bus-friendly options. And don’t forget to bring small personal coolers to keep drinks chilled if needed!

Can we drink alcohol on a party bus?

Open containers and drinking onboard is allowed on almost all party buses for passengers ages 21+ only. However, policies and regulations do vary in certain cities and states. Our team will inform you of any special requirements or restrictions specific to your area when booking. Some companies require an added refundable security deposit if alcohol is consumed in case any damage occurs. As always, safety comes first. Be sure to enjoy alcoholic beverages in moderation and remain respectful of the driver.

Do party buses have storage space?

No. Most party buses have minimal onboard storage compared to charter buses. Some may have overhead compartments or a small rear cargo area depending on the chassis. Party buses are ideal for events focused on celebrating throughout the journey rather than luggage-heavy trips. If storing large coolers, presentation materials, sports/tailgating gear or other bulky items is critical, let your provider know ahead of time so they accommodate your cargo needs.

Do party buses have restrooms? What are they like?

Only larger party buses will have restrooms onboard, typically located near the front entrance by the driver’s seat. Party bus restrooms are quite compact, similar to an airplane lavatory with limited standing room. They provide basic functionality should nature call, but aren’t very spacious. For maximum comfort, take advantage of regular rest stops along the route when possible.

Onboard party bus restrooms usually contain:

  • Small Toilet
  • Sink
  • Mirror
  • Waste Bin
  • Toilet Paper
  • Soap Dispenser

When should I book my party bus rental?

To ensure party bus availability and the best rates for your chosen date, we recommend booking at least 2-3 months in advance whenever possible. For major events and peak party nights like New Year’s Eve, homecoming, sports season, prom, etc – reserve 6-12 months out. Of course, we also specialize in last minute party bus rentals for urgent events and understand schedules change. Give us a call anytime and we’ll do our best to still accommodate your gathering, even on short notice. Just keep in mind last minute bookings often have fewer buses to choose from and rates may be higher based on demand. For maximum selection and savings, book early!

How much does a party bus rental cost?

It depends! Because costs vary case-by-case, the best way to get a quote tailored to your event is to call 833-458-7001 or request a custom quote online. Provide details like the date, group size, trip duration, pickup/dropoff spots, and any special requests. Our reservations team will provide a detailed pricing breakdown for expected party bus rental costs based on your itinerary. Rest assured our rates are competitive and our exceptional 5-star service is included free of charge!

How much do you tip a party bus driver?

Suggested gratuity is usually around 15-20% of the total rental price. For example, if your total party bus rental was $1000, then a $150-$200 tip would be appropriate. Of course, feel free to tip more for exceptional service or if your driver goes the extra mile to make your experience special.

Some party bus companies include tipping in the final invoice or provide tipping recommendations. Others leave gratuity up to the customer’s discretion at the end of the ride. Ask your provider ahead of time so you know whether to come prepared with cash for your driver or if tipping is already handled.

How do I rent a party bus?

Booking a party bus rental with is simple:

  1. Browse our expansive online fleet of party buses right online or call 833-458-7001 to get matched with the perfect vehicle for your group’s size and occasion.
  2. Receive your quote with pictures and prices.
  3. Make your reservation right online..
  4. Prepare for an amazing time on your journey!

Whether you need transportation for a bachelor party in Nashville, a prom night in Orlando, a corporate event in Philadelphia, or beyond, our team handles all the planning and logistics for your perfect party on wheels. Let us take your group’s big celebration to the next level in VIP style – request your custom party bus quote today at!